Euromodul 44 FA

Euromodul® 44 (5.174.44) is a steel architectural wall profile. Its corrugations of 44mm high will give volume to your facade. Can be placed vertically or horizontally as a single or double-skin wall cladding. This profile can be curved.

  • Cover width 860 mm
  • Thickness from 0.6 mm to 1.20 mm
  • Max length of profile: 14.000 mm
  • Materials: steel and aluminium
  • Visible fixing
  • Wide range of coatings and colours
  • Optional complements: Polyethylene foam filler, translucent profiles, crimp curving: convex (minimum radius 350 mm ), concave (minimum radius 422 mm )
  • Perforation is available for lighting and natural ventilation
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