Eurocover 40N

Eurocover® 40N (3.341.40) is a trapezoidal profile for roofing. Its corrugations are 40 mm high and be installed as a single or double-skin roofing. This profile can be curved.

  • Cover width 1 025 mm
  • Thickness from 0.6 mm to 1.20 mm
  • Materials: steel, aluminium, stainless steel
  • With web stiffener on the overlap (to avoid presence of water by capillarity)
  • Wide range of coatings and colours
  • Inclined roofs with a minimum slope of 7%
  • Perforation is available for sun protection solutions
  • Optional complements: Polyethylene foam filler, translucent solutions for natural lighting, crimp curving: convex (minimum radius 489 mm ), concave (minimum radius 422 mm ); smooth curving* (minimum radius 6.000 mm only convex)
    * Remark: the smooth curving process decrease the profile cover width. Transversal overlapping between smooth curving profiles and not curved profiles is not possible.
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