Block Insulation

Insulation board with a core of rigid polyisocianurate (PIR) foam covered in several finishings on both sides and used as a thermal insulation for buildings in warm flat roofs under membrane waterproofing systems. Closed cell foam without water absorption capacity. Light, resistant, rigid and with excellent thermal performance. Available finishings: Fiberglass/Fiberglass, Bituminous/Fiberglass, Aluminium 2U/Aluminium 2U

  • 6 thicknesses of insulation core available, from 40 to 100 mm. Ask for bigger thicknesses
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 2500 mm (road shipments), 1190 x 2225 mm (sea shipments). Ask for other sizes
  • Reaction to fire B-s2,d0 (for thicknesses up to 80 mm and value end-use application
  • Thermal conductivity: between 0,027 and 0,026 W/m*k  (for diffusion open finishing), and 0,023 (for diffusion tight finishing)
  • Thermal resistance: between 1,45 and 3,85 m2*K/W  (for diffusion open finishing), and between 1,75 and 4,40 m2*K/W 3 (for diffusion tight finishing)
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