Why more and more architects are specifying carrier panel systems
02.03.2021 -

Offering aesthetic appeal, high performance, sustainability and safety, carrier panel solutions are increasingly popular with architects and specifiers seeking the perfect façade for their projects.

As buildings account for roughly 40% of global final energy use, sourcing sustainable ways to construct buildings with optimised energy performance is of increasing importance (researchgate). A building’s façade directly impacts the overall environmental footprint of a development, as well as the end user’s comfort.

Designing a building’s façade means meeting complex aesthetic and technical demands while taking into account humidity, light, appearance and weather-resistance as well as multiple safety, engineering and energy efficiency regulations. A carrier panel system enables project specifiers to meet all of these needs due to its factory guaranteed performance and versatility.

A carrier panel façade solution consists of a metal faced sandwich panel, which works as both insulation and carrying structure, a fixing system to connect the outer skin of the building to the panel, an air spacer and an external skin, which is the visible part of the façade. It is an all-in-one solution that offers architects and specifiers a way to lower a building’s energy demand whilst remaining functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Carrier panel systems also allow for reduced building costs due to the ease and speed with which a façade can be installed, repaired or revamped. Carrier panel systems also deliver a great deal of architectural freedom as they’re suited to a range of external skins, textures, profiles and custom colours. For architects and specifiers, this means almost any design is possible - without compromising on build quality and technical performance.

What are the benefits of a carrier panel system?

Carrier panel systems are designed for projects which need to utilise the benefits of a sandwich panel wall whilst also offering creative freedom for the facade design. The system provides office, collective residential buildings, leisure and shopping facilities with functional and visually attractive external cladding, but there are more benefits to carrier panel systems:

  • Faster build times

By removing the need for conventional building materials and methods, insulation and some subframe structures, carrier panel systems ensure the application of façades is simple and quick. By rendering a building wind- and waterproof immediately after application is completed, the internal fit-out can be started immediately. All-in-one systems also mean fewer complex products, suppliers and deliveries, so your project can stay on schedule.

  • More sustainable

Quality insulated sandwich panels and cladding boast excellent sustainability credentials. In addition to faster build times, the speed and simplicity of installation cuts down significantly on emissions in the construction phase, while their light weight reduces emissions in transit. Predominantly made from steel, the embodied energy of carrier panels (that is, the energy required to produce them) is also low. For example, 40% of the steel used by ArcelorMittal Construction comes from recycled sources. Finally, thanks largely to their reduced thermal bridging and superior air tightness and insulation, carrier panels result in fewer emissions over the course of a building’s lifecycle. 

  • High performance

From excellent thermal performance to fire safety, air tightness, sound insulation and load-bearing qualities, carrier panel systems offer long-lasting, durable construction solutions which can be adapted to any design with total flexibility of external skins, colours, profiles and textures.

ArcelorMittal Construction carrier panel solutions: freedom to design

As a leading manufacturer of smart building systems, ArcelorMittal Construction’s carrier panel solutions offer sustainability, technical performance and aesthetic appeal as well as complete architectural freedom for designers and specifiers. Our interlocking carrier panel systems are also designed for fast and easy application, and regulations compliance.

Archisol® is a carrier panel with visible fixings that has been developed with high performance in mind to meet new standards in thermal insulation: the system combines superior weather and heat-resistance with outstanding airtightness and low thermal transmittance. Other benefits include very good mechanical resistance to wind actions, allowing for larger spans.

Also available is Promisol® S Hybrid, a double skin façade solution with hidden fixings and (similarly to Archisol®) outstanding thermal insulation and durability. In addition, Promisol® S Hybrid has superb fire reaction standards and is Fire EI30 certified.

Both solutions deliver limitless aesthetic freedom of design; have no complex proprietary system or installation guidelines; and, unlike other systems available in the market, use sustainable organic coatings.

Our technical support team studies every project case by case to provide the best solutions in terms of mechanical resistance and thermal insulation. We will also assist you in choosing the most suitable aesthetical solution from our broad range of external cladding products, from architectural profiles and sidings to cassette systems, all with a wide choice of finishes and colours.

To find out more about ArcelorMittal Construction’s carrier panel systems, get in touch now.