Our products are backed by a team of experts who are always on hand to offer technical knowledge – from energy-efficiency and performance assessment to delivery logistics and installation advice.


We provide a full range of accessories to help you customise your cold room: Fastening accessories – wall clips, clamps, tees, stirrups, bent accessories and more. Finishing accessories – brackets and trims as well as various small accessories including screws, nuts and bolts. PVC finishing accessories – a variety of floor supports, joints, brackets and skirting.


We supply a full range of insulated windows and doors as part of our comprehensive cold room package. Our single- and double-leaf doors for positive and negative temperature applications include: office doors (+) swing doors (+ and -) flip-flap doors (+) sliding doors (+ and -) Other applications upon request.


We offer a full support service, which means you can rely on our expertise at every stage of your project.


We’ll carry out a detailed assessment of your project and provide you with expert 3D design solutions, including blueprints and a complete list of product nomenclatures.


Our full range of accessories and fittings allows you to completely customise your cold room for present needs, while giving you flexibility for future repurposing. Our insulated panels, doors and accessories are delivered to you as an easy-to-assemble flat pack kit along with the clear blueprints you need to get the job done quickly.

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